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At 22 Studio, concrete is an attitude: direct, honest and open. Here in Taipei, our passionate team conceives and creates timepieces, accessories and stationery. Inspired by the straightforward, sublime spirit of urban architecture, we strive to master its materials, texture and style. All our products are handcrafted, honed through hands-on experimentation into authentic, daring design. Our name is “22” because it captures an attitude — one unafraid to follow instinct to concrete, creative conclusions.

In 2005, my wife Yiting Cheng and I founded 22 Studio to satisfy our enthusiasm for concrete’s raw, exposed beauty. Inspired by the works of Japanese architect Tadao Ando, we wanted to create personal products that transmitted the material’s honesty and transparency while continuing the product and graphic design partnership we enjoyed at university. Each day, we set out to make minimalistic products for sophisticated city-dwellers and awaken imaginations through the power of our design. The result is a collection of concrete attitude-inspired products that range from jewelry, stationery and clocks to home deco, writing tools and wristwatches.

We believe intimacy with material drives awesome design. We study how materials mature with wear and exposure, how time and environment alter character and aesthetic. We have spent more than a decade immersed in concrete, its forms, textures, consistencies, even smells. Over several cycles partnering with cement manufacturers, we have reached the pinnacle of concrete craft, achieving a unique fusion of robust yet workable formula and hands-on expertise. We extend this exploratory approach to other materials and their combinations, from steel to brass to stone, and beyond.

Our studio is our factory: design and production are one. We make the most of our compact scale, attending each piece from concept to production in a spirit of genuine craftsmanship, constantly challenging ourselves to improve in every aspect of our work. We hope those who appreciate dedication to craft and authenticity in any eld will share out love for what we do, and join us on our journey.