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4D Concrete Watch 42mm Daylight Edition

4D Concrete Watch 42mm Daylight Edition

USD $310.00

22 Design Studio’s 4D Concrete Watch brings architecture to life on your wrist, displaying time’s passage through an exquisitely crafted space. The passing of the three-dimensional watch hands across the cured-concrete dial creates a unique play of light and shadow, while the movement’s echo in the darkness below the spiral stairs serves as a constant reminder of the 4th dimension: time.

A watch layered in white.

White – the lightest and achromatic color, fully reflects and scatters all the visible wavelengths of light, by mixing the primary colors of light: red, green and blue at full intensity. To us, it symbolized tolerance and hope. This time, 22STUDIO challenge how to combine concrete, steel, and rubber into a most harmonious layered color.

With the classic 42mm spiral stair concrete dial, also paired with our tailor-made fluoroelastomer rubber band in 20mm wide, specially created for the 42mm quartz watch. Compare with 45mm DAYLIGHT, this watch is a bit more gentle, no matter indoor or out, it accompanies with you closely and perfectly.

SPEC: 316L Stainless Steel Case, High-density Concrete, Sapphire Glass Lens, MIYOTA 2034 movement, Fluoroelastomer rubber band. 3ATM water resistance.

Case Measurement: Ø 42mm ; D 14.3mm

Warranty: 1 year (Fluoroelastomer rubber band excluded.)

※Please note 8%-15% customs tariff duty may occur depending on local import country.※